Infrastructure / Transportation


TransAlta Corporation is the water purveyor at IPAT and has significant water rights that are available to serve the Industrial Park for both domestic use and process water.

  • 60,000 gallons of potable water capacity is available
  • Process Water Capacity: 2 million gallons per day.

Water system infrastructure: Engineering is complete and construction will follow over the next 12 months.


TransAlta has an onsite sewer treatment facility to serve up to 1,000 new workers.

Natural Gas Pipeline

Williams Natural Gas serves the park with a robust natural gas pipeline. Northwest Pipeline provides 36″ and 30″ main pipelines.


The IPAT location was once an operating coal mine that handled over 150 large truck trips per day. Routes in and out of the site are well below capacity; there is limited congestion or risk of congestion for ingress and egress.

IPAT is near Interstate 5 (Running North/South) with a distance of 8 miles to Interstate 5. Travel time is 10-15  minutes.
East/west routes are Interstate 90, Interstate 84 and Highway 12. Highway 12 is 18 miles from the site to the south and Interstate 90 is 90 miles from the site to the north. To the south Interstate 84 is 90 miles away from the site.

adobe-pdf-20pxTransportation map: highways
adobe-pdf-20pxTransportation map: rail

Fiber Optics

The Main fiber optic backbone serving Western Washington runs adjacent to the industrial park. This lines connects directly to gateways in Portland and Seattle.

Electric Utility

Lewis County Public Utility District serves the industrial park. Lewis County PUD has the most competitively priced power in Western Washington. For redundancy Bonneville Power Administration transmission lines are located adjacent to the site. The industrial park also has the potential to be supported by power from TransAlta’s coal fired and gas fired power plants. Currently TransAlta has a production capacity of 1,370 megawatts.

Finished Products Pipeline

Adjacent to the industrial site is a “Finished Products Pipeline” that provides a conduit for liquid fuels running north/south.


There is a rail spur and full loop that has the capacity to serve three unit trains. The site is served by Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad. The main north/south rail line that has Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Sante Fe access is approximately 3 miles from IPAT.

Transportation Plan Map - Highway